Print Design

We can easily design a postcard or a three-fold brochure for your business. You can even print them for yourself economically at home. The modern paper options for home printers have gotten so much better. Or, take the files to your favorite print shop and have them deliver them to you.

Tri-fold Brochure

This is the kind where you fold it inwards from both sides. Both sides are printed. The paper required for these is called Tri-Fold Brochure Paper. It will have the fold lines on it from the factory, and is very easy to use (I usually recommend the matte version of the paper). It's a very handy size and fits in anybody's handbag!

Sample brochure (PDF)


The postcard can be laid out verticallyl or horizontally. (It might depend on the type of stand you want to have them presented in.) You can also print the postcards at home if you wish, the template requires a standard postcard paper which fits four cards on one letter size sheet.

Sample Postcard (PDF)

Three-fold brochure layout


Sample brochure (PDF)